Crema Marfil

Spanish origined Crema Marfil marble, is a one- way street for someone looking for marbles in cream shades and soft tones. Crema Marfil has no limitations on its application. Thanks to its high quality, the uniformity of the veins and the color balance, Crema Marfil adds anywhere, either internally or externally used, a special glamor and creates a unique feeling of warmth. Face can be finished into honed, polished or bush-hammered.



Bulk Specific Gravity
2.660 Kg/m3
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (ΕΝ 13755) % wt.
Modulus of Rupture – Dry
10.3 MPa / 1490 psi
Modulus of Rupture – Wet
10.2 MPa / 1480 psi
Compressive Strength – Dry
208 MPa / 30100 psi
Compressive Strength – Wet
184 MPa / 26700 psi
Abrasion Resistance of Stone Subjected to Foot Traffic
Flexural Strength – Dry
8 MPa / 1160 psi
Flexural Strength – Wet
7.9 MPa / 1140 psi

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Heraclea White Marble

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Volakas Marble

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Damasta Marble

Crema Marfil Marble

Alivery Grey Marble

Dry Lay Service


As a natural product coming from inside earth, marble has natural variations in its pattern; in color tone, veins or crystals. To help you get a result, where there is absolute balance on the pattern matching among marble tiles fitted on floor or wall cladding, Eagle is offering you as option the “Dry Lay” service. For this scope we have created an in-house exclusive area, which is secured and provides all necessary conditions for the successful implementation of marble Dry Laying service.  We have the capacity to fit in the same time up to 1,000 square meters of marble tiles on the floor so that our trained personnel can examine the pattern of a big area and make the necessary changes on location of tiles so that color tone, veins and overall pattern have a magnificent “match”. Dry Lay has different stages, all of equal importance.  The target is to prepare in-house the perfect pattern that the installation team on the project site should follow when our materials arrive.  Our personnel has been trained to follow below steps:


  • Tile fitting on floor until humidity dries out and original color tone dominates
  • Possible repositioning of tiles in areas, where pattern matches better with nearby tiles
  • Quality Inspection and replacement of any “non approved” tiles
  • Numerical coding of all final patterns while tiles remain on floor
  • Transfer of numerical tile coding also on Project’s Drawings, so that anyone can recognize which is each the suggested location for each tile to be installed on project site
  • Coding – marking of each tile, box, pallet separately to ensure optimized installation on project site
  • Packaging into special crates with customized dimensions


We care for the details and Dry Lay is an important process to ensure natural balance and beauty in floor or wall cladding projects, where perfection is the only expectation. Our capacity and trained personnel can warranty Eagle is the right partner for the marble supply of your project.