Marble Experts


With the philosophy of being ‘’close to the customer’’ and a prominent presence in the field of production, trades and sales of building materials since 2004, Marmodom, based in Prosotsani Industrial Park at the city of Drama, is a subsidiary of EAGLE.

The high level of education, training, know how and the constant evolution of the human resources but also its machinery, are the main reasons that have made Marmodom stand out in this industry and maintain a fair standing position. Mortars, adhensives, sealants, general building materials and plastics, are just some of the materials that, with their excellent quality, have led Marmodom to be the first choice for inderested consumers, with sales in Greece, as well as international markets such as Europe, Balkans, Middle East, north Africa and much more.

Wood Packaging Products

Marble and stone products can be hard and durable by nature, but before they reach their buyers, they may need to travel many miles until they reach their destination. Therefore, it is very important for them to be safely packed so they can cope with the journey and reach the consumer in perfect condition.

EAGLE, as a company, treats with the utmost respect and gives the necessary importance to the product and the consumer, providing the most suitable wood products for the packaging of marble and stone products, always tailored to your needs. Our only goal is your best service. Ensure the safety of your products and protect them from breakage, damage, stains and any other problems that may be encountered during transportation. Our well trained department, with their specialized techniques and knowledge, guarantee that your marbles will be totally safeguarded and protected.

What makes us stand out from the rest of the competition is the unique quality of our work, combined with our great productive power. More specifically, EAGLE has:

  • 2 production lines processing 25 cubic meters per day
  • 2 wood drying furnace
  • 3 bridge cutters


The process follows and fully complies with the latest safety and quality methods, such as the boiling of wood in the drying furnace, before loading the products into casing, pallets, etc.

Transport Solutions

After years of presence of the people who make up our team in the field, we know how important is to transport loads and we also have a high level of knowledge and experience to transfer the products quickly and safely to the customer.

EAGLE, always having a customer- centric philosophy and with only purpose to provide a perfect service and complete satisfaction to the customer’s needs, has a dedicated EAGLE Logistics department with its own fleet of 40 trucks and in- house drivers.

Thus, the strength of our fleet provides absolute independence in the transport of containers loaded either with marbles or building materials to the port of Thessaloniki, for export. The special EAGLE Logistics department provides high quality services, with sole objective of secure and on time pick up of your cargo.

From the very first moment of your order, up to the delivery of products, we want to provide you the ultimate service experience. Our 35 triaxial trucks and our 5 four- axle trucks, have as their purpose, the optimal and fast service with absolute responsibility. There is also the possibility that any trucks not used for the needs of our company, may be rented to third party marble customers/ exporters, in the region of Drama and Kavala, after agreement.

Maintenance Service Solutions

Our company, knowing how important it is to take care of the ‘’work tools’’, such as trucks, provides through its services garage supplies but also complete truck service. With a high experienced staff leading this service, the relationship between customers and EAGLE, is full of trustiness and tangible results. Everyday, more and more transport companies, as well as individual drivers, trust and enjoy EAGLE’s attentive and high quality service for their equipment.


The company’s infrastructure, composed with warehouses, garages and laundries/labs, is considered to be ideal for the care of your vehicles. More than 1000 codes of replacement products (spare parts), are constantly on our warehouses with a sole purpose of providing you fast and quality results.

Custom Clearance Solutions

EAGLE’s purpose is to provide you with a complete and flawless customer service experience. We undertake and serve all Greek companies which export to third countries and need customs services. The combination of experience and expertise of EAGLE’s staff on customs clearance, creates the ideal know how to undertake and support customs export issues.

Take advantage of our knowledge on the regulations and avoid any problems that may cause delays on your shipments.

Marble Quarry Consumables

The process of extracting and cutting marble in the quarries, as a fact, is very demanding and the wear of consumables is very common in this job. EAGLE, as a marble expert, imports and distributes the highest quality disposable quarries to the Greek market at the most competitive prices. Our company’s goal is to provide you whatever you need, quickly and with the lowest cost, preventing the risk of not finding a consumable, which may cause issues to your work balance.

Product Exports

EAGLE is wishing to offer each customer a complete and unique customer experience, based on a customer- centric philosophy. With complete and absolute responsibility, among all other services, we provide the possibility of exporting to any destination. It is possible to export worldwide without restrictions, mainly by sea, using all the main container shipping lines such as Maersk Line, CMA, NSC, Cosco, China Shipping, ARKAS, Happaq Lloyd, which connect the port of Thessaloniki with the whole world.